Friday, March 19, 2010

Caperton Cemetery - Follow-Up

I should have realized that the stone of Thomas Boyd Foster looked 'out-of-place'. It is in the oldest part of the Caperton Cemetery. All of the other stones in this section are deteriorating, broken, or unreadable. He died 115 years ago, but his headstone has barely weathered. After the last post, I found a picture of the original stone on another web site. It looks like it is in the same spot, but a totally different stone, simple, weathered and worn. It seems that the new stone must have been placed recently. The birth and death dates of the two stones match, but the new stone has much more detail. At this time we do not know who placed the new stone. Maybe it could provide a link to distant cousins in the future. I am attempting to contact the manager of the other website, so hopefully we will know more soon.

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