Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elijah Stout - Revolutionary War Soldier, Part 1

Elijah Stout was the Great Great Grandfather of our Grandpa Stout (James A. Stout). Elijah's wife, my G-G-G-G-Grandmother was Anna Stout. We know all of this because of a specific date: August 14 1819.

This is the date listed in the records of our Grandpa Stout as the birthday of his grandfather, John L. Stout. It is also the birthday of Eljah Stout's grandson John Stout, recorded in the family Bible from the 1830s. These must be the same person. The picture is of the 'Marriage' page from this Bible. The Bible pages were submitted by Anna in order to get her portion of Elijah's pension after he died in 1838.

There are several other records that show these connections, but even if we didn't have any other records, the birthdate alone is proof beyond any reasonable doubt!

We do not know how Grandpa Stout knew his grandfather's birthday but we know that he knew it before anyone in our family made the link to Elijah. The copy of his records (which I have) were copied in 1952. The link to Elijah was found in 1964 by our Uncle Riley (George Riley Stout). Through the help of a distant cousin, Riley learned about the Revolutionary War Application of Elijah Stout and his wife Anna There we find the birth, marriage, and death records of several members of the Stout family. I will list these here:

-- Elijah Stout was married to Anna Stout November 19, 1783
-- Judiah Stout was married July 16, 1817
-- Harrison Lock was married to Rebecca Mosby(?) on February 14, 1828

-- Judiah Stout, oldest son of Elijah Stout was born January 19, 1799
-- Benjamin Proll(?) Stout was born July 25, 1801
-- Rebecca Hanes(?) granddaughter of Elijah Stout was born on Feb 14, 1807
-- John Stout son of Judiah Stout was born on August 14, 1819
-- Elijah Stout second son of Judiah Stout was born on Dec 28, 1822
-- Marion Stout 1st daughter of Judiah Stout was born Sept 5, 1824
-- Judiah Stout 4th son of Judiah and Delilah Stout was born Aug 4, 1828
-- Rebecca Stout was born June 23, 1830
-- Elise Pain(?) was born November 6, 1831

-- Rebecca Stout died December 1830 [must be the 6 month old daughter]
-- Judiah Stout died April 1835 [must be the 6 year old son, born 1828]
-- Benjamin P Stout died May 22, 1803 [must be the toddler born 1801]

These entries are hand written on Bible pages, which were submitted to the government in order to verify that Anna really was the widow of Elijah, so that she would continue to get her share of his pension after he died.

With just a little analysis, it is clear that Elijah and Anna's oldest son Judiah (and his wife Delilah) had as their oldest son John Stout, born August 14, 1819. It has since been learned that his full name was John Lewis Stout. Several other relationships are evident from the Bible pages, but some are unclear. I am confident that many of these relationships can be clarified with a little more research.

In the next post, we will share some of what Elijah said about his Revolutionary War service in his original pension application.

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